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This. Is. A. Recording...

By Noelle Martin | Posted on April 19, 2018

While doing research for B2B turnkey webinar hosts for a client, I found out some interesting revelations... On-demand webinars are the hotness, yo! They are now yielding more leads and even have a longer lead-generating lifetime...months after initial posting! Some vendors have completely ended hosting live webinars and are only offering to host pre-recorded.

Well, this will give a lot of marketers a huge sigh of relief...and a woop woop! All that time crunch anxiety over rehearsals, chasing down the presenter, slides, worrying about every catastrophe the day of the live broadcast...just chill, it's a recording. Save the projectile barfing for the possible email promo mishaps.

On-demand webinars stats...just in case you need to convince your "live webinar loving" boss.

On-demand Webinar

Webinar attendance

Webinar viewing time since 2015

Additional on-demand audience gained

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Noelle Martin

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