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Google Survey: B2B Professionals Research Behavior

By Noelle Martin | Posted on February 01, 2018

1. Nearly half of all B2B researchers are millennials.

MC Tip: Make sure your website content, sales enablement assets and lead generation campaign content appeals to all age ranges. Diversify formats and use stylish visuals and animation. Millennials have been know to focus on the "why" and their trust is won from messaging with emotion. Keep in mind that to successfully connect with millennials, you must build their trust. Avoid cold and mechanical messaging that just lists F&Bs (features and benefits). Tell authentic stories about the brand and your customer's experiences. 

2. B2B researchers who are not in the c-suite influence purchase decisions.

MC Tip: Often referred to as the "influencer", this is an individual that reports into the executive. Their task is to do the research and engage with the vendor throughout the buying journey. These are the individuals that will be more receptive to meatier content, e.g., white papers, guides and ebooks. They also will be tasked with vetting and interacting with Sales. Snackable capsules of content that can be easily distributed by Sales is key as well, because in order to get past this gatekeeper, your message has to resonate. 

3. 71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search.

MC Tip: B2B buyers might not close a deal autonomously, but they will first use the internet to seal the decision to engage with vendors. In fact, Forrester reports that 90% of a buyer’s journey may be complete before a prospect reaches out to a salesperson. Companies must be prolific in producing a vast library of brand content and an online strategy to get that content in front of their target audience in the early buying stages. 

4. Mobile usage is intensifying; B2B researchers are using it throughout their entire path.

MC Tip: Most B2B marketers don't prioritize mobile marketing strategies, because the conversion rates are low. Mentioned above, B2B customers do not want to interact with sales until they are ready to buy. Their buyer journey is spent online using multiple devices and in most cases, they are constantly switching back and forth. B2B marketers must offer the same digital experience across all devices or run the risk of having their brand eliminated early on in the journey. A responsive website, marketing automation, scaling the your digital footprint are all key areas to include in your GTM plans.

5. B2B researchers watch video during the entire path to purchase.

MC Tip: Developing a portfolio of videos can be a challenge for B2B marketers. Managing the content is time consuming and production can be expensive. The demand for video through the entire customer journey means B2B marketers must produce fresh and unique videos to keep prospects engaged. Leveraging white papers, case studies and guides can save time, as the content can be a starting point for a video script. One white paper can be transformed into one to two (maybe more) videos depending on the length. Slides are also a great starting point for videos since the content for slides usually includes graphics and visuals that can be animated. When considering a video series, create categories. Focus on educational videos like demos, whiteboard explainer sessions, how-to instructional and customer stories.

About the author

Noelle Martin

CoFounder, Marketing Curators

UC Berkeley | 15 years B2B marketing experience | expertise: demand gen, digital & online, content, design.